Pack your bags for France

Kidsbooksnz.blogspot have given Bonjour Lucy Bee a lovely review. "Fancy a quick trip to France?" they say. "All you need is a cuppa, a comfy place to read and this great book from Anne Ingram. Allons-y." After giving a synopsis, they comment that "The French phrases add a light handed authenticity, which coupled with the descriptive scene setting has you feeling like you are right there with Lucy. The plight of the refugees is handled well; there is no heavy lecturing, instead we are shown the human face of this global issue, and the reality of day-to-day obstacles and struggles to be overcome. There is plenty of action running through the storyline and a good resolution ties up everything at the end. Well written, it is a thoroughly good read - Bonjour Lucy Bee will make you want to pack your bags for your own French adventure. For the full review by vanessa Hatley-Owen see

Posted: Friday 30 August 2019